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About the GCN/TAN

A Brief Description
There are two parts to the GRB Coordinates Network (GCN) (TAN: Transient Astronomy Network):
(1) the real-time (and near real-time) distribution of GRB locations, images, spectra, & lightcurves, (in < 2sec inside GCN) detected by various spacecraft (Swift, Fermi, MAXI, INTEGRAL, IPN, etc), and
(2) the distribution of follow-up observation reports submitted by the GRB/transient community.
INVITATION to Join/Subscribe (Notices & Circulars)
An open invitation for GRB researchers and institutions to join GCN/TAN. For people wishing to receive the GCN/TAN Notices, the required pieces of information to set up an entry in the "sites.cfg" file are listed.
And for those individuals wanting to receive/submit GCN Circulars, those requirements are also listed.
Scientific Motivation and General Background Information on GRBs
The history and the importance of research into the nature of Gamma-Ray Bursts.
GCN/TAN Sites and Links
The current observing sites participating in the GCN/TAN system are listed. Links are provided when available.
Who we are
The people that built and run the GCN/TAN system.
What's new    (22 Nov 19)
Brief descriptions of new capabilities and operational changes within the GCN/TAN system.

Technical Details

A Full Description of the GCN/TAN System:
The Basic System Description,
The Various Sources of GRB/transient Locations,
Distribution Methods,
Coordinates Accuracy,
Improvements Made to the System,
Future Improvements to the System,
Detailed Technical Descriptions and Specifications,
Related Services and Activities,
Real-time Aspects of these Webpages.

Mission-Instrument Notices at-a-Glance

Clicking the links will take you to the Description/Documentation pages
and to the tables of archived past Notices.
Description Notice
Description Notice
IPN   CGRO n/a
KONUS table BeppoSAX table
INTEGRAL GRBs table NEAR table
Swift GRBs table HETE table
Swift GND_ANALYSIS table MILAGRO table
Swift BAT SubSubThresh table XTE-PCA,   -ASM table
Swift BAT Monitor table Suzaku table
AGILE GRBs table    
AGILE MCAL table    
Fermi GRBs table    
Fermi GBM Subthresh table    
Fermi LAT Monitor&Trans table    
MAXI table    
MOA table    
SNEWS table    
SK_SN table    
CALET table    
AMON Gold&Bronze tableAMON EHE table
AMON NU_EM table    
AMON CASCADE table    
LIGO/Virgo table    
GECAM table    
SIMBAD-NED n/a    

The GCN/TAN contact is: Scott Barthelmy. For questions or subscription changes, please contact the GCN Team.

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