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General Coordinates Network

GCN Circulars are now administered through the General Coordinates Network (effective April 17, 2023)

The modernized GCN Circulars experience is part of the new GCN web site, where you can:

  • Browse and search Circulars in our all-new archive.
  • Sign up for and manage your own email subscriptions.
  • Enroll yourself and your colleagues to submit Circulars with arXiv-style peer endorsements for new contributors.
  • Submit Circulars with our new Web form, or continue to submit by email.

This legacy GCN Classic Circulars service has been disabled.

  • All legacy accounts are transferred to the new system.
  • The legacy archive is frozen.
  • Email submissions to the old address will be forwarded to the new system and processed normally. We encourage use of the new submission address.
For questions, please contact the GCN Team.

Signup for Notices and/or Circulars in GCN

This page has the links to finding about what Notices and Circulars are,
and then links to filling out the form to create a Notices sign-up
to modify an existing Notices configuration,
and to create and modify a Circulars configuation.

General introduction to what the GCN Notices and Circulars are:
      click here

Information on the Notices:
      click here
The webform to fill out to create a new entry tor receive Notices:
      click here to create your new Notice configuration (Disabled)
The webform to modify an existing site configuration (Use #2 Modify):
      click here to modify your existing Notice configuration (Disabled)
The webform to get a listing of your current site configuration (Use #3 Get a listing):
      click here to get a listing of your current Notice configuration

Information on the Circulars:
      click here
The webform to fill out to create an entry to receive/submit Circulars (also does modifications):
      click here to sign up for Circulars

To unsubscribe from the Notices or Circulars, click here

Problem? Need Help?

Questions are always welcomed.
I am always here to answer your questions.
* If you are new and want a starting point, send me an email with the question(s) and what 'big picture' thing you are trying to accomplish.
* For existing account, it helps greatly when you include your Notice SiteName.
* Only the Point of Contact (PoC) person is allowed to make change requests of a site's configuration.
* If an operational problem, please include SiteName, Date-n-Time of the problem, and if you receive VOEvent format Notices, please specify which server you were connected to.

Please contact the GCN Team.

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This file was last modified on 10-Apr-2023.