AMON_NU_EM_COINC Event Information

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This table contains information about AMON_NU_EM_COINC Events, which are coincidences between neutrino detectors and EM-detecting instruments.

The most recent Notice is listed first (reverse time order).

The 3 left-most columns (EVENT) are the RunNumber_EventNumber and the date/time of the event.
These columns contain:
      the RunNumber_EventNumber (taken by AMON from IceCube data) (which is a link to all the original full-format email GCN/AMON Notices on that trigger),
      the Date (yy/mm/dd), and
      the Time ( of the end of the observation window and the discovery announcement time.

The next 11 columns (OBSERVATION) come from the results of the various observations and analyses by the AMON.
These columns contain:
      the Revision Number, and
      the Stream Number, and
      the Coinc Instruments,
      the RA is the RA location of the event (J2000 epoch) in units of degrees,
      the Dec is the Dec location of the event (J2000 epoch) in units of degrees,
      the Error90 is the location uncertainty (radius, 90% containment) in units of arcmin,
      the Error50 is the location uncertainty (radius, 50% containment) in units of arcmin,
      the DeltaT is the observation duration interval (in sec).       the FAR (False Alarm Rate) specifies how often a trigger of this intensity would happen from just noise fluctuations (an identically 0 value means it was not calculated),
      the Comments from the full-format email respective Notices.
There are more fields of information than are shown in this Table;
please refer to the full notices in the links in the RunNum_EventNum column.

For more information on the AMON operation: AMON.

Mail questions/suggestions/complaints to Scott Barthelmy.

RunNum_EventNum Date Time UT RevNum Stream Coinc Pair RA Dec Error90 Error50 Delta_T FAR Comments
0_73310 21/01/11 13:06:41.00 1 1 IC-HAWC 162.3400 +19.4600 40.19 22.19 22742.25 3.8495e+00 AMON NEUTRINO-EM Coincidence.
0_68186 20/11/24 14:13:38.00 0 1 IC-HAWC 134.9900 +7.7400 25.10 13.80 21531.22 2.9594e+00 AMON NEUTRINO-EM Coincidence.
0_66291 20/11/07 15:55:32.00 0 1 IC-HAWC 140.1999 +29.7600 16.30 8.99 23105.38 3.4898e+00 AMON NEUTRINO-EM Coincidence.
0_54519 20/07/17 21:22:26.00 0 1 IC-HAWC 118.5000 -1.6200 22.76 12.59 19395.52 1.8197e+00 AMON NEUTRINO-EM Coincidence.

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This file is continuously modified by the gcn program; see the timestamp of the most recent trigger entry in the table.

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