AMON ICECUBE_EHE Event Information

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This table contains information about AMON_ICECUBE_EHE Events, which are single-neutrino events is the IceCube detector with a neutrino energy higher than several hundred TeV. They belong to the most energetic population of the IceCube neutrino events.
The most recent Notice is listed first (i.e., in reverse time order).

The 3 left-most columns (EVENT) are the EventNumber_RunNumber and the date/time of the event.
These columns contain:
      the EventNumber_RunNumber (assigned by IceCube, parsed by AMON) (also links to all the original full-format email GCN/AMON Notices on that trigger),
      the Date (yy/mm/dd), and
      the Time ( of the start of the event or the follow-up observation.

The next 8 columns (OBSERVATION) come from the results of the various observations and analyses by the AMON.
These columns contain:
      the NoticeType is EHE,
      the RA is the RA location of the event (J2000 epoch) in units of degrees,
      the Dec is the Dec location of the event (J2000 epoch) in units of degrees,
      the Error is the location uncertainty (radius, 50% containment) in units of arcmin,
      the Signalness contains the probability that the neutrino event is of astrophysical origin: the range is 0.0 to 1.0,
      the N_events is the number of neutrinos that occured in the delta_T window (which for EHE notices is always 1),
      the Stream is the index number identifying the analysis stream that produced this trigger event,
      the Comments from the full-format email respective Notices.
There are more fields of information than are shown in this Table;
please refer to the full notices in the links in the EventNum_RunNum column.

For more information on the AMON operation: AMON.

Mail questions/suggestions/complaints to Scott Barthelmy.

EventNum_RunNum Date Time UT NoticeType RA Dec Error Signalness N_Events Stream Comments
42419327_132508 19/05/03 17:23:08.72 EHE 120.3040 +6.3568 14.99 3.6266e-01 1 2 AMON_ICECUBE_EHE.
53411354_131653 18/10/23 16:37:32.65 EHE 269.8360 -8.8863 17.50 2.8016e-01 1 2 AMON_ICECUBE_EHE. NOTE: This EHE event is the same as the previously reported HESE event.
34507973_131475 18/09/08 19:59:31.84 EHE 145.7729 -2.5178 20.36 3.4364e-01 1 2 AMON_ICECUBE_EHE.
17569642_130214 17/11/06 18:39:39.21 EHE 340.2500 +7.3140 14.99 7.4593e-01 1 2 AMON_ICECUBE_EHE. NOTE: This AMON_ICECUBE_EHE event is temporally(33.0<100sec) coincident with the FERMI_GBM event (trignum=531686417).
50579430_130033 17/09/22 20:54:30.43 EHE 77.2853 +5.7517 14.99 5.6507e-01 1 2 AMON_ICECUBE_EHE.
80305071_129307 17/03/21 07:32:20.69 EHE 98.3268 -14.4861 19.48 2.8016e-01 1 2 AMON_ICECUBE_EHE.
80127519_128906 16/12/10 20:06:40.31 EHE 46.5799 +14.9800 60.00 4.9023e-01 1 2 AMON_ICECUBE_EHE.
80127519_128906 16/12/10 20:06:40.31 EHE 45.8549 +15.7851 14.99 4.9023e-01 1 2 AMON_ICECUBE_EHE.
26552458_128311 16/08/06 12:21:33.00 EHE 122.7980 -0.7331 6.67 2.8016e-01 1 2 AMON_ICECUBE_EHE.
6888376_128290 16/07/31 01:55:04.00 EHE 214.5440 -0.3347 20.99 8.4879e-01 1 2 AMON_ICECUBE_EHE.
6888376_128290 16/07/31 01:55:04.00 EHE 215.0929 -0.4191 10.31 8.4879e-01 1 2 AMON_ICECUBE_EHE.

And the HESE events are archived here.

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