GCN Circulars Request


This page allows people to sign up for Circulars within GCN.
(Circulars are prose-style messages submitted by list-members
and are re-distributed to the "GCN Circulars" distribution list.)

There are 6 pieces of information needed to sign-up for the GCN Circulars:
a) Your full name: John Doe
b) Your institutional and/or project affiliation: NOAO
c) The email address you want to receive the Circulars: jdoe@sirus.noao.edu or John.Doe.1@noao.edu
d) Your email account name you will be using to submit: jdoe
e) Your domain from which you will be submitting: noao.edu
f) Whether you want to receive (or not) to this entry -- 1 to receive, 0 not to; [select a button]. g) Whether you want Reports sent (or not) to this entry -- 1 to receive, 0 not to; [select a button].

Items d & e may seem like a duplication of item c. Item c can sometimes be different than from where you will be submitting.
Also, some institutions use email servers/forwarders that allow for a generic email address such that
email can be delivered to a person no matter how their true account name/machine moves or changes.
Items d and e are used in the validation process for circular submissions.
You can have multiple entries in this Circulars vetting/receiving list.
Item f allows you to have submit-only entries (e.g. say a backup gmail.com account),
and there can also be more than one receive entry.
For more information on the GCN Circulars.

Items with a red asterisk are required fields.
1)  Enter information about you.
2)  Hit the "Send GCN Circulars request to GCN Admin" button (at bottom of page).
     (This will send me an email (& CC you) with the information you entered, and I will add it to the GCN Circulars vetting list.)

1) Name*: (Your name, as you want it to appear on outgoing Circulars)
Institution and/or Project Affiliation*: (As you want it to appear on outgoing Circulars)
Receive Address*: (E-mail address to receive Circulars)
Account Name*: (Email account name you will be using to submit)
Account Domain*: (Domain from which you will be submitting)
Receive*: To Receive & submit    Submit-only
Reports*: To Receive    Do Not Receive

NOTE: It is useful to also send a one-word email to scott@milkyway.gsfc.nasa.gov using the account that you just listed above,
so that I can check the acctname in the "From "-line in the email header (since those can sometimes be different
than the login acctname, e.g. you log in as jdoe, but your mail-agent program inserts John.Doe in the From-line
of the outgoing email header). This is important, because the Circulars processing program uses the acctname and domain
in the From-line for vetting purposes for any future circular submission you might make.