GCN Circulars Request


This page allows people to sign up for Circulars within GCN.
(Circulars are prose-style messages submitted by list-members
and are re-distributed to the "GCN Circulars" distribution list.)

There are 7 pieces of information needed to sign-up for the GCN Circulars:
a) Your full name:   John Doe
b) Your institutional and/or project affiliation:   NOAO
c) The email address you want to receive the Circulars:   jdoe@sirus.noao.edu
d) Your email account name you will be using to submit:   jdoe
e) Your domain from which you will be submitting:   sirus.noao.edu
f) Your want to receive and submit choices -- * receive and submit, * receive only, * submit only [select a button].
g) Comments: Enter questions or additional information here.

Items d & e may seem like a duplication of item c. Item c can sometimes be different than from where you will be submitting.
Also, some institutions use email servers/forwarders that allow for a generic email address such that
email can be delivered to a person no matter how their true account name/machine moves or changes.
Items d and e are used in the validation process for circular submissions (checks the "From" line w/o the colon in the email header -- see Procedure Step #3).
You can have multiple entries in this Circulars vetting/receiving list.
Item f allows you to have submit-only entries (e.g. say a backup gmail.com account),
and there can also be more than one receive entry.
For more information on the GCN Circulars.

Items with a red asterisk are required fields.
1)  Enter the 7 pieces of information.
2)  Hit the "Send GCN Circulars request to GCN Admin" button (at bottom of page).
     (This will send me an email (& CC you) with the information you entered, and I will add it to the GCN Circulars vetting/distribution list (and email you it is done).)
3) Optional but encouraged: Send a 1-word test email to scott@milkyway.gsfc.nasa.gov so I can check for extra IT Security features in the From-line.

1) Name*: (Your name, as you want it to appear on outgoing Circulars you submit)
Institution and/or Project Affiliation*: (As you want it to appear on outgoing Circulars you submit)
Receive Address*: (E-mail address to receive Circulars)
Account Name*: (E-mail account name you will be using to submit)
Account Domain*: (Domain you will be using to submit)
Receive*  (select 1 of 3): To Receive & Submit Circulars    Receive-only    Submit-only
Action*  (select 1 of 3): Request a New Entry    Request Check for Existing Entry    Request Update of an Old Entry
Comments/Questions: *
(One sentence about why you are signing up.)


It is useful to send a one-word email to scott@milkyway.gsfc.nasa.gov using the account that you just listed above,
so that I can check the actual acctname in the "From "-line in the email header. This acctname@computer.domain can be
different that what you think it is. And this is important because the acctname@computer.domain is the main criteria
in the vetting process when you submit a Circular. The vetting process on a Circular submission depends critcally
on the content of the "From-line" in the email header. (This is the "From "-line that has no colon in it;
as opposed to the "From: "-line with the colon. Anybody can spoof anybody by overwriting the "From: "-line (w/colon),
but it requires root permission to spoof the "From "-line (w/o the colon).) By sending me (not GCN) a short 1-word email,
it allows me to check the kind of "From "-line (w/o colon) you have for your login on that machine. What I see in the
"From "-line will determine if an extra submit-only entry gets added to the vetting list and/or the relaxation flag is set.
There are two causes of these differences -- they are discussed below.

a) NAME SUBSTITUTION: The acctname in the "From "-line in the email header can sometimes be different
than the login acctname, e.g. you log in as "jdoe", but your mail-agent program substitutes "John.Doe" in the From-line
of the outgoing email header. [Currently, only about one in 100 have this modification of the acctname@computer.domain, but it is increasing.]

b) ADDITION OF SECURITY STRING: It is increasingly popular for the IT Security people at your institution to add a string (or two)
to your acctname@computer.domain in the "From "-line of your email. Currently, GCN Circulars processing tests
for an exact match of the acctname and the computer.domain strings to that in your entry(s) in the vetting/distribtution list for the GCN Circulars.
But if your host introduces these extras strings then an exact-match requirement will fail. So I have implimented a flag
to each entry in the vetting/distribtuion list that relaxes that vetting test to only substring-matching.
[Currently, only about one in 200 have this modification of the acctname@computer.domain, but it is increasing.]

This file was last modified on 01-Jan-2020.