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Signup for Notices and/or Circulars in GCN

This page has the links to finding about what Notices and Circulars are,
and then links to filling out the form to create a Notices sign-up
to modify an existing Notices configuration,
and to create and modify a Circulars configuation.

General introduction to what the GCN Notices and Circulars are:
      click here

Information on the Notices:
      click here
The webform to fill out to create a new entry tor receive Notices:
      click here to create your new Notice configuration
The webform to modify an existing site configuration (Use #2 Modify):
      click here to modify your existing Notice configuration
The webform to get a listing of your current site configuration (Use #3 Get a listing):
      click here to get a listing of your current Notice configuration

Information on the Circulars:
      click here
The webform to fill out to create an entry to receive/submit Circulars (also does modifications):
      click here to sign up for Circulars

To unsubscribe from the Notices or Circulars, click here

Problem? Need Help?

Questions are always welcomed.
I am always here to answer your questions.
* If you are new and want a starting point, send me an email with the question(s) and what 'big picture' thing you are trying to accomplish.
* For existing account, it helps greatly when you include your Notice SiteName. (With over 800 accounts, I often cannot keep track by your name alone.)
* Only the Point of Contact (PoC) person is allowed to make change requests of a site's configuration.
* If an operational problem, please include SiteName, Date-n-Time of the problem, and if you receive VOEvent format Notices, please specify which server you were connected to., (301)-286-3106
(or if the Goddard email is down).

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This file was last modified on 03-Aug-2019.