Short-form Cell/Pager Notice Examples

This shows the format of the short-form cell/pager messages sent to those groups requesting the short-form cell/pager method. This is an extremely terse form of the messages. It contains only the RA,Dec of the GRB (whereas the regular cell/pager and the e-mail formats have much more information). NOTE: These are 1950 epoch RA,Dec coordinate values! The regular (long-form) cell/pager notices have Current epoch RA,Dec values. This choice of 1950 epoch for the short-form is historical and is based on the needs of the group originally requesting the creation of the short-form cell/pager distribution method.

There is a brief (less than 9 characters) prefix title line telling from which source the RA,Dec coordinates came. The HETE, INTEGRAL, XTE, and ALEXIS mission-based Notices are shown. The TEST messages are not from any specific spacecraft source -- they are generated from a table of pre-defined locations within the GCN/TAN program. The ORIGINAL, FINAL, MAXBC, and LOCBURST come from the CGRO-BATSE instrument, and are no longer available because the CGRO mission has ended.

There are no "Subject" lines for these emails to the cell/pager companies because the Subject line would use up valuable character counts from the maximum displayable for the body of the message. And it was the very limited display character count of some companies that motivated the short-form cell/pager method in the first place.

There is also a long-form cell/pager method for people and sites with a cell/pager company that can diplay larger amounts of information (e.g. about 240 charcaters).

 add the HETE types

 add the INTEGRAL types

RXTE-PCA WILL observe this GRB.

RXTE-PCA can NOT observe this GRB.

RA=210.84 DEC=-72.94d

RXTE-PCA could NOT localise this GRB.

RXTE-ASM may be able to localise this GRB.
BATSE_RA=210.84 DEC=-72.94d

RA=275.940 DEC=+49.461d

RA=114.44 DEC=-12.82d RAD=12.3456 WID=0.1234d

RA=210.84 DEC=-72.94d

RA=72.00 DEC=-35.00d

The Pager Notices below are no longer available. These missions have ended.
RA=210.84 DEC=-72.94d

RA=210.84 DEC=-72.94d

RA=210.84 DEC=-72.94d

RA=210.84 DEC=-72.94d

RA=114.44 DEC=-12.82d

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