TM Gaps Distribution

GRO 32 kbps telemetry gap durations: 01 
Feb - 09 Jun 1996. Long description in Fig 1 text 

Fig 1. The above figure is a histogram of the gaps in the 32kbps telemetry from the GRO spacecraft. The peak at 2600 sec corresponds to a typical GRO slew manuever duration. There are also a small number of much longer slew manuevers in the 4000-8000 sec duration. While the s/c is slewing the 32kbps telemetry is turned off (only the 1kbps TM is running).

Expanded portion of previous figure. See 
Fig 2 text below.

Fig 2. The above figure is an expanded portion of the short duration range of the main histogram in Figure 1. It shows a strong peak at ~120 seconds, which corresponds to a typical TDRS-to-TDRS hand-off time.

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