Subject-only with HH:MM:SS format Notice Examples

This shows the format of the SubjectHHMM-only messages sent to those groups requesting the SubjectHHMM-only distribution method. Like the regular Subject-only format, this is an extremely terse form of the messages. However, it does ocntain two extra fields that the Subject-only method does not contain (Time & Intensity). It contains the Source and RA,Dec,Time,Intensity of the GRB (the regular cell/pager and the e-mail formats have much more information). The RA and Dec are not in decimal_degree format, but in RA=HH:MM:SS DEC=+DD:MM:SS format (please note the somewaht non-standard of format for the RA value -- this was requested by the first site desiring this distribution format). NOTE: These are Epoch J2000 RA,Dec coordinate values!

There is a brief (less than 9 characters) prefix title line telling from which source the RA,Dec coordinates came. The HETE, INTEGRAL, XTE, and ALEXIS mission-based Notices are shown. There is also a TEST pseudo-source for testing purposes (the coordinates are selected from a set which uniformly samples the sky). The ORIGINAL, FINAL, MAXBC, and LOCBURST come from the CGRO-BATSE instrument, and are no longer available because the CGRO mission has ended.

Unlike the short-form cell/pager method which has no Subject-line, because the cell/pager companies don't have space, these notices put all the information in the Subject-line and do NOT have any information in the body of the e-mail. Even these Subject-only capable cell/pagers and cell-phones have only a limited character count displable, so this distribution method is also terse.

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RXTE-PCA WILL observe GRB (RA=12.34,DEC=-56.78).

RXTE-PCA can NOT observe GRB (Trig=6789).

RXTE-PCA RA=+15:23:41 DEC=-72:31:26 T=12:34:56 I=10

RXTE-PCA could NOT localise GRB (Trig=6789).

RXTE-ASM may localize GRB (RA=273.43,DEC=+51.87).

RXTE-ASM RA=+17:42:54 DEC=+49:33:13 T=12:34:56 I=10

IPN RA=+12:11:55 DEC=-22:16:33 RAD=12.3456 WID=0.1234d

ALEXIS RA=+15:23:41 DEC=-72:31:26 T=12:34:56 I=7.1

TEST RA=+15:23:41 DEC=-72:31:26 T=12:34:56 I=1000

The Pager Notices below are no longer available. These missions have ended.
ORIGINAL RA=+15:23:41 DEC=-72:31:26 T=12:34:56 I=1043

FINAL RA=+15:23:41 DEC=-72:31:26 T=12:34:56 I=1043

MAXBC RA=+15:23:41 DEC=-72:31:26 T=12:34:56 I=1043

LOCBURST RA=+15:23:41 DEC=-72:31:26 T=12:34:56 I=1043

COMPTEL RA=+15:23:41 DEC=-12:16:33 T=12:34:56 I=51

SAX-WFC RA=+17:42:54 DEC=+49:33:13 T=12:34:56 I=10

SAX-NFI RA=+17:42:28 DEC=+49:34:03 T=12:34:56 I=13

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