TDRSS lightcurve for Trigger=850231


GCN BAT Position Notice

GCN BAT Lightcurve Notice

NOTICE_DATE:     Fri 27 Jul 18 14:30:27 UT
NOTICE_TYPE:     Swift-BAT Scaled Map
TRIGGER_NUM:     850231,   Seg_Num: 0
POINT_RA:         20.991d {+01h 23m 58s} (J2000)
POINT_DEC:       -58.797d {-58d 47' 46"} (J2000)
MAP_DATE:        18326 TJD;   208 DOY;   18/07/27
MAP_TIME:        51328.68 SOD {14:15:28.68} UT
TRIGGER_DUR:     1.023 [sec] 
SOLN_STATUS:     0x10000
RATE_SIGNIF:     0.00 [sigma]
IMAGE_SIGNIF:    0.00 [sigma]
MAP_URL:         sw00850231000msbsm.fits
SUN_POSTN:       126.86d {+08h 27m 26s}  +19.13d {+19d 07' 45"}
MOON_POSTN:      304.09d {+20h 16m 22s}  -19.36d {-19d 21' 29"}
MOON_ILLUM:      100 [%]
GAL_COORDS:      295.02,-57.83 [deg] galactic lon,lat of the pointing direction
ECL_COORDS:      340.64,-59.16 [deg] ecliptic lon,lat of the pointing direction
COMMENTS:        SWIFT-BAT Scaled Map.  
COMMENTS:        WARNING: No BAT_Position TDRSS message was received for this trigger_number!  

Initial TDRSS lightcurve and spacecraft attitude plot

TDRSS lightcurve from T0-30 to T0+50 (zoom in)

TDRSS light curve from T0-1 to T0+2 (More zoom in)

1.6s binned TDRSS light curve

Plot creation:
Fri Jul 27 10:50:49 EDT 2018