Generate a GCN LVC Notices Configuration

This page allows people and projects to sign up for the LIGO/Virgo (LVC) Notices within GCN.
If you are already receiving any of the GCN Notices (by any method), then this page is all you need to fill out;
the LVC notices you select will be added to your existing configuration.
If you are new to GCN, then you will also need to fill out a 2nd form page for the basic information to set up a configuration.

Items with a red asterisk are required fields.
1)  Select new or existing user/site button.
2)  Enter information about your site.
     2a) If new user/site, provide information about your operation/activity and make up a site_name.
     2b) If existing user/site, provide information to identify yourself/site and if you can remember your site_name plug that in.
3)  Check all the LVC Notice types you want to receive.
4)  Hit the "Send LVC Notice Request to GCN Admin" button.
     (This will send me and the LVC PoC an email (& CC you); once the LVC approves your request, I will install it.)
5)  If you are a new user (i.e. don't have an existing GCN site config),
     then also click "New Site or New User" button to set up the rest of your configuration.
6)  How to and Where to become a member of the LVC LV-EM Forum (membership is needed during this initial proprietary phase for LVC to approve your request).

1) Check whether you are a new or existing GCN Notices site/user*:       New user/site (Don't forget Item #5) Existing GCN site/user

2) Introductory Information (250 char limit)*:
    Who you are (name, institution, group/project).
    Describe your telescope/operations (if applicable).
Site Name (e.g.: MegaScope)*: (less than 20 characters)
Contact Person (John Doe)*: (Name)
Contact Address (*: (E-mail address)

3) LVC Notices: (uncheck any notice types that you do not wish to receive; default is to receive all 5 types)
LVC Preliminary   (Heads-up alert at 1-3 min after GW trigger; trigger parameters but no skymap yet)
LVC Initial            (At 2-4 min after GW trigger; contains 1st Sky Probability Map)
LVC Update          (At minutes to hours after the GW trigger; contains a refined skymap)
LVC Test               (A practice notice, format like Initial, but values and map are fake; produced every 3.7 hrs)
LVC Counterpart   (Produced/submitted by follow-up observers; contains potential candidates)

5) AND, IF YOU ARE NEW NOTICES SITE/USER (i.e. do not have an existing Notices site configuration within GCN),
click the button below to go to the page to enter that information.
(This new_site information is ALSO needed to make a complete configuration for you to receive your LVC notices.)

6) If you are not a member of the LV-EM Forum
then click this link How to sign up for the LV-EM Forum.
(You need to be a member before LVC will approve your LVC Notices request)