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This is the archive of all the GCN/IPN_Segment Notices in their original form as they were sent out to the GCN sites. It should be remembered that these are the "initial" IPN solution for each GRB and are based on preliminary and partial data sets. They were calulated and distributed with speed as paramount. More refined (precise) IPN solutions have since been calculated based on more complete data sets and with humans in the loop. Typically, this means that the centerline of the annulus moves very little, but the annular width descreases significantly from the initial to the final calculation. The "segment" information is dervived from the 2-spacecraft-only annulus solution overlaid onto the BATSE error circle. This intersection yields the segment listed in the Notice. All inquires about the "final" IPN solutions should be directed to Kevin Hurley (UC Berkeley) khurley@sunspot.ssl.berkeley.edu .

For more information on all the types of the GCN/IPN Notices. The archive of the IPN_Position Notices can be found here.
The archive of the IPN_Raw Notices can be found here.

Recent GCN/IPN Segment Notices:

(Listed by Trigger_number, Date and Time)

NOTE (Jun 2000): With the loss of CGRO, there are no more BATSE positions
to be correlated with the IPN annuli, so these GCN/IPN_Segment Notices
will no longer be generated.

Past GCN/IPN Notices:
BATSE Triggers 8022-8111   2000
BATSE Triggers 7319-7906   1999
BATSE Triggers 6581-7277   1998
BATSE Triggers 5989-6533   1997
BATSE Triggers 4710-5729   1996
BATSE Triggers 3385-4048   1995

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