Swift-BAT LightCurve for GRB041219A

The Swift-BAT lightcurve in the 4 energy bands are shown below.
The sum of all 4 bands is also shown.
The text file can be found here.

We are currently in the beginning of our Commissioning Phase of the instrument,
and as such the calibration of the energy scale is not optimum.
We estimate that the energy scale is not off by more than 10% at the low end and not more than 30% at the high end.

Energy Band: E0:

Energy Band: E1:

Energy Band: E2:

Energy Band: E3:

Sum of the 4 Energy Bands: E0-3:

The GCN contact is: Scott Barthelmy, scott@lheamail.gsfc.nasa.gov, (301)-286-3106

This file was last modified on 22-Dec-04.