GCN Acronyms and Abreviations

These are the acronyms and abreviations used in these GCN web pages. Their expansions and explanations are given.

ALEXIS   - Array of Low Energy X-ray Imaging Sensors
ASM      - All Sky Monitor (on RXTE)
BACODINE - BATSE COordinates DIstribution NEtwork (the original name; see GCN)
BATSE    - Burst And Transient Source Experiment (on GRO)
COMPTEL  - COMPton TELescope (on GRO)
DOMSAT   - DOMestic SATellite
FOV      - Field Of View
GCN      - GRB Coordinates Network (the 2nd generation name; see BACODINE and TAN)
GRB      - Gamma-Ray Burst
GSFC     - Goddard Space Flight Center
HETE     - High Energy Transient Explorer
IPN      - InterPlanetary Network
Jy       - Jansky (unit of power: 10E-26 watt/m2-Hz)
mag      - optical stellar magnitude 
MOC      - Mission Operations Center (see SOC)
MSFC     - Marshall Space Flight Center
NASA     - National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NFI      - Narrow Field Instruments (on BeppoSAX)
PCA      - Proportional Counter Array (on RXTE)
RXTE     - Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer
SOC      - Science Operations Center (see MOC)
T50      - The burst Time duration for which 50% of the energy is emitted
T90      - The burst Time duration for which 90% of the energy is emitted
TAN      - Transient Astronomy Network
TBD      - To Be Determined
TJD      - Truncated Julian Day (e.g. TJD=10449=01/Jan/97)
ToO      - Target Of Opportunity  (also TOO)
WFC      - Wide Field Camera (on BeppoSAX)
XTE      - X-ray Timing Explorer (now called RXTE)

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